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The Wine & Beer Maker's Year
The Wine and Beer Maker's Year

ISBN: 1-85486-208-1
PAGES: 154

by Roy Ekins


Currently out of print

This book is a round-the-year guide to wine and beer making, covering dry and sweet wines, beers, lagers, liqueur and fortified wines. In the introduction, the author explains the basic principles of the art and advises on health and safety and the choice, use and care of equipment. The main body of the text, illustrated with line drawings, is a season-by-season guide to ingredients and recipes for making wines and beers to suit all tastes.

Roy Ekins has been a prominent wine and beer maker for 35 years and also a member of the National Guild Of Beer And Wine Judges since 1973. He has lectured about commercial and homemade wine and beer for many years and has written prolifically about the hobby, regularly since 1976. He has several books to his credit.