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A wine press will extract the maximum amount of juice from any fruit. That juice can then be either made into a full flavoured wine or used as a pure juice drink.

Hard fruits such as apples will first need to be crushed into a pulp. This can be done by pounding the fruit in a bucket or by using a simpler, quicker and more hygienic method called a Pulpmaster.
This is powered by an electric drill and consists of a stainless steel cutting blade with a spindle. The fruit is placed into a two gallon bucket having a cover with a central bearing to accommodate the spindle of the blade. The fruit is completely pulped by the rotating blade.

Once crushed, fruit can be processed further using the Vigo Wine Press.
These machines have a cast iron base plate and legs with a tough plastic coating (which complies with UK & European standard EN71), oak slatted cage bound by steel hoops, steamed beech pressure blocks and a cast iron pressure mechanism.
Pulped fruit is poured into the press cage (the barrel-like part) and is pressed by a wooden piston. The piston is wound down with the lever rod.

As the pressure in the cage increases, juice will flow from between the cage staves that are positioned closely to prevent the escape of pips and skin. The juice flows into the channel in the circumference of the base plate and out through the lip. Once the fruit is pressed dry, the piston is unwound, the cage lifted off and the cake of dry pulp pushed out - a good addition to the compost heap. The only maintenance required is a rinse with water and a smear of Vaseline on the spindle thread.

With practice, you should be able to do three or more pressings in an hour. Apples yield up to 50% or more juice by weight and grapes considerably more. As a rough guide, 9 Kg (20lb) of apples will yield up to one gallon of juice.

There are several sizes available (6, 9, 12, 20 & 36 litre) and also crushers that fit on top of the press so that pulp will fall directly into the press ((12, 20 & 36 litre sizes only).