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Winemakers Recipe Disc
Recipe Disc

ISBN: 9780952655800
PAGES: 2 Laminated Cards
Supplied in a protective re-sealable plastic sleeve.


Currently out of print

Twenty common ingredients from Apple alphabetically through to Strawberry are listed on a card with a revolving disc eyeletted to it.

Cutouts on the disc tell you the amount of fresh fruit to use for a gallon of wine, in Kg/lb., or what weight of dried or canned fruits to use if fresh fruit is not available. How much concentrate etc. to add, what additives and how much, and the type of yeast recommended, are all clearly shown in the apertures. On the back of the disc are shown quite clearly and simply the major steps in making your wine.

The Dial-A-Country-Wine disc is printed in bright glossy colours on sturdy laminated board, so that any spills are easily wiped off it without leaving any stain. It is robustly made, and even has a handy punch-hole so that it easily can be hung in your kitchen for ready reference.