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Growing Vines to Make Wines
Growing Vines To Make Wines

ISBN: 1-85486-181-6
PAGES: 184

by Nick Poulter


Following his conversion from the elderberry to the grape 30 years ago, Nick Poulter and his former business partner began planting a commercial vineyard at Cranmore on the Isle of Wight. By 1984 the vineyard was producing 15,000 to 20,000 bottles per year and the associated vine nursery around 30,000 plants.
The vineyard was sold at that time but the nursery continued until 1996.

When the first vines were planted at Cranmore, there were only a dozen or so vineyards in England, but now that number has multiplied a hundred fold. In the pioneering days of the 1960’s there were no exact parallels on the continent or elsewhere and every English winegrower learnt the art by hard experience.

This book, a fully updated amalgamation of two previously published popular titles Growing Vines and Wines From Your Vines, is based on that experience and sets out all the author would have liked to have known when he began himself.
It is concise, yet detailed, and covers all aspects from planting the vines, through cropping and vinification to enjoying the final product!

The quality of English wine is constantly improving and this book will help the amateur to produce high-quality from homegrown grapes providing the right varieties are used and simple instructions followed.