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It is a well known fact that any wine you  may purchase has at some stage or another, been filtered.

Filtering a wine will remove haze particles, yeast cells and even possibly bacteria. Filtering wines improves taste, appearance and durability, and therefore clearly enhances its overall quality.

Before filtering it is always most important to leave all the sediment behind by syphoning from one jar or vessel to another.

It is recommended after filtering that the wine stands for at least a few days to settle before bottling.

Filtered wine not only looks magnificent, the clarity excites the taste buds and makes it irresistible. Filtered wine is always more stable, will not ferment in the bottle, is also the quickest way to clear a wine and will always taste better.

There are several means of filtering but they all have a similar principal of operation. The wine is passed generally through a filter pad made of material with pores large enough to allow the wine to pass through, but small enough to trap even the finest suspended haze particles.

Another means of filtering is by using the Harris Quikfine filter kit, which combines both fining and filtration in one operation. It uses crystals, liquid and a powder, which when mixed with the wine and passed through a special cloth filter bag, removes all the wine hazes.
With this kit it is no longer necessary to wait months, weeks or even days for a wine to clear. It will fine, filter and polish wines to a really brilliant standard without any wine losses. It is possible to filter hazy wines to brilliance, with true colour and all within the same day ..... which is indeed very impressive!

The first Vinbrite wine filter (using pads) was released way back in 1966 and the kit includes the filter components, a pack of 6 Crystalbrite pads, syphon tube, flow control clip, locking ring, spanner, Vin Clear wine finings, Super Enzyme and a full set of instructions. All parts are easy to clean, and only need to be rinsed in warm water. Take a look at the Vinbrite -  the best selling and most popular filter world-wide for the past 40 years.

It has been constantly updated to keep it to the forefront of home wine filtration