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Filtering Wines

Although it may be clear, wine that has not been fined can contain dissolved and suspended protein. These microscopic particles can clog the filter pad. Wine should always be fined a week before filtering.

For best results wine filters should ideally be used for polishing reasonably clear wines.

Sometimes the amateur winemaker has the mistaken belief that Filters remove body, taste or colour.

It is a well known fact that any wine you may purchase has at some stage or another, been filtered.

Filtering a wine will only remove the haze particles and yeast cells. Filtering wines improves taste, appearance and durability, and therefore clearly enhances its overall quality.

As filter pads only retain solid particles, it is clear that desirable flavour and body are unaffected.

The Vinbrite has been the best selling and most popular wine filter kit used by home winemakers worldwide. It has the following merits:-

  • The complete kit sells at an affordable price for all.
  • It is easy and quick to assemble.
  • The operating cost is the lowest of any filter kit.
  • Only one filter pad is used.
  • There are no moving parts to wear out, no electric is needed and is safe to use anywhere.
  • The kit will filter down to 1.75 micron (0.000068 of an inch)with one pass, which is a remarkable achievement.


The Quikfine Kit shown here extends the scope of wine filtration because it:
in one simple operation, with minimal running costs.


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Vinkwik Yeast
(General Purpose Yeast)

Vinkwik Yeast has been cultured to produce a quick fermentation.

It can even start fermentation within 2-3 hours.

It has always been a popular yeast for most amateur winemakers.

Suitable for up to 22.5 litres
(5 gallons) of wine


Super Enzyme
(Pectic Enzyme)

Extremely effective high strength

Pectic Enzyme.
Super Enzyme will:

  • remove pectin
  • assists fermentation
  • aids clearing
  • improves colour

For best results, always use at the time of adding the yeast.

Will treat 22.5 litres (5 gallons)
or 2 x 4.5 litres (1 gallon).

Vin Clear Finings
(Long Life Finings)

Extremely effective especially when used in conjunction with Super Enzyme.

These are highly active wine finings. Simple to use, leaving the wine quick to clear.

They can be stored at any temperature and still remain 100% active.This is a patented product.

Will treat 22.5 litres(5 gallons)
or 2 x 4.5 litres (1 gallon)

Beer Brite Finings
(Long Life Finings)

Extremely effective.
These are highly active beer finings.

They are simple to use, leaving the beer quick to clear.

It is a combined clarifier and chill proofer, using the best properties of isinglass and silica hydrogel in a single unique dry package.

They can be stored at any temperature and still remain 100% active.This is a patented product.

Will treat 22.5 litres (5 gallons)