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Bards Blends

Bards Blends Wine Kits are made from selected very high quality Italian grapes. The grapes used for these kits are from the northern parts of Italy where the cooler climate produces very well balanced wines.

Bards Blends Wine Kits make 23 litres of wine. Everything you need is included, just add sugar and water!

All kits now also include oak chippings to add more complexity and to simulate part of the maturing process in oak barrels.


Italian Red
The Italian red is made from the Sangiovese grape which is the base of Chianti - the most typical Italian Red.
The Sangiovese blend will produce a medium-bodied red wine with rich cherry or plum like flavours and aromas. It is well worth keeping but can also be enjoyed immediately.

French Red
The French Red kit is based on one of the best known red grapes - the Merlot. This grape was first named as a distinct variety in the 1800s. It is known as a Noble Bordeaux varietal. Not quite as harsh as other reds, Merlot has less tannin than a Cabernet and can therefore be drunk earlier. It is mellow but still complex, a bit chewy.
Merlot is known for the flavours of plums, black cherry, violets, and orange. It is a perfect match for beef and other medium-heavy dishes. Try some with a rich, red pasta dish, or even a heavy chicken dish.

Italian White
The Italian White kit is based on Trebbiano - a very typical northern Italian grape. Trebbiano, another name for Ugni Blanc, is slightly behind Airen in land usage - in part because Trebbiano vines can be planted much more closely together than Airen.
It therefore is thought to produce more actual wine than any other wine grape. It is commonly used as a base for brandy, but is also a typical table wine in many parts of France and Italy. It is also listed as an ingredient in Chianti.
The Bards Blends Italian White is a crisp and fruity, medium dry Italian table wine.

German White
The Riesling grapes used in the German White kit come from the northern Italian region of Veneto. Riesling is a late-ripening grape, with only a moderate yield. This makes it difficult to grow, which is often reflected in the price.
The Bards Blends Riesling is a medium dry, complex white wine that ages very well. Typical Riesling flavors include fruity and floral, as well as honey and musky.