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Home Winemaking
The Art Of  Making Wine
The Art Of Making Wine

ISBN: 1-85410-200-1
PAGES: 128

by Betty Sampson


THE ART OF MAKING WINE is the essential book on home winemaking for beginner and expert alike. Betty Sampson, who runs a 9 acre vineyard in south Devon with her husband, clearly describes the basic principles of winemaking, with helpful diagrams by Rosanne Sanders at all stages. There is advice on fermentation through to maturing, with a look at some of the potential problems faced by the beginner.

Over 90 well tested recipes are provided for the home winemaker to try. The book concludes with a section on the growing, care and use of grapes - a dream which, with modern varieties of vine and methods of cultivation and protection, is today becoming a reality for more people. This book covers how to make your own delicious

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